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Yoga Sadhana - How to Practice Yoga

In this section you can find information about yoga practice. How to best prepare yourself for practice. What is the best diet? How to practice when sick or injured as well as the essentials of daily practice.


Yoga sadhana means yoga practice. To understand what that means we need to look at the meaning of both words.

What is yoga? Yoga is a special condition of the mind. There are four conditions or states of mind according to yoga - the wide-awake state, the dreaming state, the deep sleep state and yoga, also known as samadhi. Samadhi is a natural state, as natural as the other three.


Yoga and Food

"All creatures are born from food, are sustained by food, and in the end get consumed as food. Food was born before all creatures and is therefore called the medicine for all." - Taittirya Upanisad

There are five bodies according to yoga - the physical, energetic, mental, intellectual and causal bodies. The external physical body is called the body of food (anamaya kosha). Why? It is made of the food one has eaten and nothing else.

January Satsang: Yoga and Meditation

Dan Asked me a question after everyone had departed after our first Saturday Satsang: "What am I supposed to be experiencing in meditation?"

At the time I gave him a somewhat inadequate answer - but his question entered my meditation the following morning and helped me to clarify what I have been reflecting upon and experiencing as I have been shifting my practice away from asana and towards meditation over the last few years.