Sri K Pattabhi Jois Public Talks on Ashtanga Yoga - France 1991
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You looking books and photos, you take practice. Very dangerous you can understand?

Niyama that is second step. First step Yama. Second Niyama. You canunderstand? Ashtanga yoga method, first step yama, second niyama, thirdasana, fourth pranayama, fifth pratyahara; sixth dharana, seventhdhyana, last Samadhi. This is eight steps. First step you take yama.Yama means ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya, aparigraha. FiveYamahas you can understand.

Ahimsa: don’t do anyone animals also troubles (do not harm animals): don’t eat (them), that is ahimsa. Your enemy also don’t take, don’t do anone bad things. That is ahimsa.
Satya: always you must speak, truth, truth you telling. That is now possible? You think? Asteya means non-stealing. Brahmacharya: out of (the) question. Aparigraha, this is first (limb) - very difficult, second (niyama) also (difficult).

You want mind control. Only for action no use! You doing Ishwara puja, you doing tapas. That time your mind working another place (you are going through the motions, but your mind is elasewhere). Your mind is not in your control. You can understand? You only do puja; you are doing tapas using the mantra japa. Every day you are repeating, one mantra is repeating, repeating. Your mind working another place. What use? Only for time waste! You can understand. That is why you take one first your control, your mind control capacity… First you start.

That is why some Upanishad is telling: This is six anga. Six steps. Enough! First and second step you including pratyahara, dharana, dhyana (according to this upanisad, first perfect asana and pranayama and then perfect yama and niyama at the stages of pratyahara, dharana, dhyana). That time your body and mind and nervous system all is OK, is perfectly is correctly (working). After you one by one you do, very easy. They is telling Upanishads also.

Asanas shastra also he is telling:
Hatha. “Ha” means surya (sun) nadi; “tha” means chandra (moon) nadi. This is both nose is coming breathing (both these energy channels terminate at the nostrils). You must stop first, you control, that is hatha yoga (the hot sun energy and the cool moon energy which represents the duality in man are controlled and unified). Yoga means one by one you complete closing - this is one, this is one, complete is closing: Both is one, you can understand? Ah that is, this is, first anga. Hatha.

First you do asanas. What given asanas benefit, you want the benefit (you want the benefit which asanas can give). This yoga practice will first give you body cleaning. Internal and external. Both side is cleaning, next nervous (system) is cleaned, then nervous (system) is very strong. After one by one. Nadi (energy channels), Sarira (bodies). Sarira means very thin (subtle) nervous system - that is five elements.

You take five sense organs - very thin nervous (nerves) is going (the subtle bodies penetrate the sense organs). (When) that sarira (subtle body) is perfect, after, your mind automatically is controlling capacity is coming - you take control (you automatically are able to control the mind). After you do anyone easy (after that any practice is easy). That (is) one method, Upanishads also is telling.

Your body for example (is like) one chariot - this is one chariot, chariot is there but is not running. That car driver your buddhi (intelligence), car owner atma (soul). Inside (the body) is the power, that atma.

Atma (soul) first, second chariot, driver third buddhi, horse - that is your sense organs.
One driver (intelligence) is conducting horses (senses) with the help of ropes (mind), that is manas (mind). Rati means owner. That chariot owner, body owner – atma (soul/Self).

Your body is one cart: driver buddhi. Buddhi, manas are separate. Both are expressed with only one English word: mind. Mind you can not understand. This is not a real word, only using mind is so wrong… that is purified, mind (is) buddhi, unpurified mind means manas, you can understand.

Sarati is driver - is a good driver, you want a good driver. Manas means, that is rope. You put it horse rope (you harness a horse (senses) with rope (mind)). Driver is good driver, it is a good road. Then you are reaching your place. Bad driver, drinking driver, if he wants to take you to one place he is going to fall down.

Atma, Indriya and buddhi, that 3 one place (senses and buddhi (intelligence) and atma (soul) should be oriented in one direction). You take first. First you clear (purify) your body, outside (pysical) body. Atma is one of the light (atma is the light of awareness). That is all. Chetana (consciousness) That light you want. Light after all working (when awareness is not hindered), your body, mind and sense organs are working. No light: dead completely.

That is why first you take your body clean. First body clean, after automatically nervous cleaning. Your sense organs you take breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, breathing, after increasing your fire inside. After one by one is cleaning, your mind automatically, gradually, is taken into control. Your thinking capacity, that time (when body and mind have been purified) is coming (increasing). Now it is not coming, your thinking capacity. You can understand.

First you want thinking capacity. That is real or not real? This is good or bad? This is thinking! Now you are not thinking anyone (in reality). You consider as thinking: “I will go to bed, I will take money - I will go to..." - same I am thinking. Inside not thinking. Real fact (truth) not thinking now. Now starting real fact thinking capacity first. After mind cleaning. Buddhi, your buddhi after your mind is sending buddhi. (thinking with manas (lower mind) is not real thinking, it is driven by the senses. After purification has taken place, thinking is activated in the higher mind. Instead of concern with good or bad, Buddhi is only interested in truth)

This is real or bad? Good or bad? Bad is thinking manas (lower mind). "This is correct, this is real" - (truth) is thinking (this is) buddhi (higher mind). Are you understanding the difference? Are you taking buddhi? Buddhi after he is telling, he is taken our control.

God is making your sense-organs only for outside looking possible. Inside not going.
This is Upanishad I am telling. Upanishad I telling. Paranthi Kani. Kani means sense-organ Indriya. Paranthi kani outside looking possible. Not going inside. Inside very big, very bright. Inside what is there? Outside is looking! There is looking, there not outside. Only for not outside. Inside is reflection outside. You can understand. God is making your sense-organs only for outside looking possible. Inside not going. But how is it possible inside you looking?

Antaratma (internal soul) you looking! Impossible! But how is! I will be looking!
Vira means real yogi. Inside you take the sense-organs. Complete inside he is taking possible.

Avrita means take it back (withdraw) - back you take it. Manas (lower mind) “he” is going senseorgans out (the mind follows the sense organs outwards, the mind has to be withdrawn ). Inside he (Manas, mind) is sitting. All he can understand? That manas? (He) isnot sitting here! He is there (outside). Much sound isthere but he can not sit also. That manas is going near (following) sense-organs.

One thing I am telling for example, you want one thing. Oneman is in a deathing state (dying). The doctor says: you quickly go and get itone injection tube. Many pieces is there. Many medicine is there, butyour mind is working only for injection tube. You want an injectiontube. This is real - same you take your control.

Control is going. Yourmind is going - all sense organs you order (sense organs control you). They are giving orders: "youlook!" There it (the mind) is looking - something looking (looking at something). God send bad smell - youlook! Good man you look, bad man you look. But you take your controlmind. Anyone you good smell, bad smell you don’t understand (notice). This isone rupa. Rupa means looking anyone you don’t understand (whatever is happening before you, you do not notice - the mind is withdrawn from the senses). That onlymind is working is going buddhi (mind is absorbed in the Buddhi - higher mind). First you take practice, practice,practice, yoga practice. You don’t take anyone shastra. Shastra is notgiven yoga methods.
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