On Breathing
Sri K Pattabhi Jois Public Talks on Ashtanga Yoga - France 1991
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Question: While breathing he is keeping the tongue up to the palate. Is it correct or should he change that?

Answer: Don’t change it but close your mouth, that is all. Close yourmouth, tongue which place is going no problem. Close tongue breathingis coming your mouth. That is correct breathing. Your mouth breathing,heart trouble is coming gradually.
Heart not strong. But you nosebreathe heart very strong. But nose strong, nose breathe with throatand nose, both! Only one breathe, nose breathe. Is not perfectly, isnot clearing your heart and another place. You can understand. (Gurujigives demonstration of breathing) This is only for nose breathing. Thatis no good; with throat and nose both including. (Guruji gives example)

Question: Is the sound with inhaling and exhaling slightly different? If you write it, how will you write it?

Answer: No, no it is not different. Is not coming no different. But youcan take your anus control abdomen control, after take inhalation.Inhalation where is coming? Here to is, is navel. Navel. Navel to 2inches down. There is our place. There is you take inhale. There ispress here, take exhale, now is tight. (Guruji gives example ofbreathing sound - inhaling and exhaling) There is different sound isnot coming. Same mantram. Is pressing here, is control here (2 inchesbelow navel), breathing, long breathing is coming. You don’t leave ithere (do not release bandha). Again press, exhalation also same method.

Saswana means sound. Same sound how is you doing asanas time, you same(make same) sound (at) sitting time, long breathing same sound. Butboth time with sound. That is clean (cleansing) breathing. Inside allthe postures it is clearing (the postures are cleaning the inside ofthe body). Without sound breathing, this is not clearing (cleansing thebody) completely. If one dirt is there - dirty. (Guruji pretends tobreathe dust without making any sound) - not is going (toxins are noteliminated) - you take – (this time Guruji demonstrates “soundbreathing”) - blood purifying.

Why? How? With sound breathing your increasing your heat body. Bodyheat increasing. That heat is making blood boiling. Blood dirty (dirt)is gone completely. Purified blood is making, that is blood cleaning.After breathing you moving all the body, whole body is movingcompletely. Thin blood very purified, thick blood dirty. That is makingsick. You can understand. That is why with breathing you must do.

Question: I had an accident and my septum is deviated. I amconcerned about breathing. Doctor told me he thought I should have itopertated on and straightened so I can breathe more easily. I amnervous about operation. I don’t really want to have an operation.

Answer: You get it operation? No! Only for nose is breathing possible inside inhale exhale?

Tom: “Sometimes it is a little difficult because the septum is deviated. It is twisted just a little bit”.

Answer: That is why you don’t take operation. Once you take neti kriya.Neti kriya: inside you put it a thread, take it, clean it, thatportion. (the thread is fed through the nostril and out of the mounth)Both sides. After you look that is bone is going this side you takeoperation. Bone attaching take operation. Dirty is there don’toperation, don’t take.

Here is one thin skin is there, very thin, very thin. Always is movingthat one. You good smell, but smell grasping that one. Thinkingpossible. That thin skin is gone after anyone smell - you good or bad,not coming yours. Not coming anyone. Good smell, bad smell, you don’tunderstanding. After tongue is gone, not taste tongue. Food is no good.Same one by one he is making.

That is why operation very carefully, you take neti kriya you do. Noproblem. Do that cleaning first. That is correct. Many people, manystudents suffering nose trouble. They take neti kriya. Nose is veryperfect. An American student Gary also you know: many students. Now isperfect. That is very simple method, very simple method. To take anoperation is very dangerous also, sometimes very dangerous operation.Any disease is came, don’t take operation, first you look. First youstudy how it is.

For example hernia. Hernia, many people students is suffering Herniacomplains. That hernia one intestine is going one side. One ring isthere that is going inside. After always that ring is going inside.That starting pain. Doctor says; “Oh, Hernia patient you must takeoperation”. He is telling that hernia has taken a cutting there.Operation is there. One, three, four years better. After againstarting. You trees is cutting, after gradually is coming out. Samethere also. That is why don’t take it operation. Some asanas that iswhy he is telling. Many asanas methods and disease curing.

Chikitsa asanas. Chikitsa means curing asanas. Some disease starting,that disease this asana you must do. There is that disease is going, heis telling some (some diseases will go after starting practice)… thatis why first you start yoga. After (if it) is not going - once consultyour doctor. Doctors also is want (we need). After you take there is agood doctor. He is telling… “oh! This is half is gone (disease). Don’ttake operation! Same method you follow.” - That is a good doctor. He istelling. But some doctors: “oh! quickly you take operation!” - He wantsmoney. “That is a good operation, you take!” he is telling. That is nogood. You think first. Anyone disease is starting first you think. Howis that disease - one or two days. Left it you don’t take any food(fasting). That is one method.

Shankaracharya one big philosophy book, there he is telling. First youtalking, talking, talking, talking, talking, sitting you. Many talks,is good talk, bad talk all is coming. But bad talk your age is going(makes you age). But good talk you take, the energy is increasing. Butboth including is no good. That is why talking, talking: stop yourmouth. Don’t talk (be) quiet, sit down. That is called mouna you canunderstand.

Stopping talking, talking. Complete close. Don’t take your mouth. Don’topen. Quiet sit down. That is punishment (tapas). That is why stop yourmouth, that is one method.

You starting fever, starting headache, stomach trouble is coming, notgoing bathroom quickly is called: constipation starting. 10 times isgoing bathroom that is! This is food mistake. Don’t go to doctors. Youtake one or two days. You don’t take any food, you stop. Stop eatingone or two days. Not know that you? Stop it, after automatically isgoing. Indigestion starting, that fever all is coming to your body.Indigestion. Many food, varieties food eating. That is indigestion.Your liver is boiling only for one small quantity food. That is allliver power. More food you go liver is gone. That is why starting. Thatis why one or two days you don’t take food.

That is also a punishment to your body

You take pranayama, you pranayama you do. Mind automatically iscontrolled, control, control, your whole body, hands, all places isquiet sitting. That is why you do pranayama. He is telling one.

Danda means punishment. Body fever, all disease, that is punishment eat(for bad eating). Your mind working always, every places (notconcentrated). That you take control with pranayama. You do pranayama.That is control is coming he is telling.

Question: (something about the ratio of inhalation and exhalation and the amount of sweat generated)

Answer: You anyone breathing one different breathing, do inhalationmore, exhalation down. Inhalation 20 seconds, exhalation 10 seconds,how is you do. Perspiration is coming possible, but breathing one levelyou take (even inhale and exhale). More sweat is coming out. That ispoison. That is the method. You can understand. Now is 10 secondsinhalation you do, 5 seconds exhalation you do? That time alsoperspiration is coming. Sweat is coming. That sweat is no good. Youtake one level (even) breathing, that sweat, that poison is coming out.Inside poison is coming out.

Prana/Apana: Inhalation Exhalation both one level you take. That timeis coming out your poison. Inside poison out. You different is camethat is not coming (if inhale and exhale are uneven, poison is notcoming out). Inside breathing is no good. But inside poison is notcoming outside. You can understand, you tell that one.
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