On Asana
Sri K Pattabhi Jois Public Talks on Ashtanga Yoga - France 1991
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Question: why are some asanas coming easily on one side and difficult on the other side?

Answer: All the students, all people, all man, one side easy, one sideis not easy. Some stiff why? You standing, walking is going, youstanding only one side; one side you do it, your weight, completelyyour body weight (when you habitually stand or walk, you are alwaysfavoring one side) . One side is going up, you can understand. One sideblood circulation is correctly is going, one side is slowly bloodcirculation is going, slowly is going blood circulation, that portionis very stiff. That easy: one side easy: all (everyone). That is real,all thestudents, all the people one side easy, one side not easy. This is ontechnical word you want technical point. Is half ladies postures ishalf gents postures. (one side of the body is masculine and one isfeminine)

Ardha Nadiswara means half Parvati, half Ishwara (half male halffemale). All the body same, all people, all the students. All thepeople one side ladies posture, one side gents posture. That is whyincluding, that is why one side easy, one side stiff. Gents portionstiff, ladies portion smooth (flexible). On some people left side very stiff,right side is very easy. That is blood circulation mistake, that isall. You take your practice both sides. Correctly it is coming, noproblem.

You people I looking many students. One side easy, portionfirst he is doing. Another one little he is doing. That is very bad.You first you take right side always. Stiff or bad, is good or bad. Youmust take first right side, after left side. This is practice. Now oneexample. Padmasana left side easy, people are doing left leg first.After right leg he is taking. Many students, same practice. That isvery bad. You first you take right leg, after left leg take up. That isbetter, that is take practice, practice after easy.

Question: why should we place the right leg first doing padmasana?

Answer: So many times I am telling liver, spleen cleaning that one. Many times I was telling completely.

Vama uppari - first wama (means left side), right side - daksana. Vamauppari. Vamameans your thigh left side thigh. First take right leg (foot) here (onleft thigh) after vamantallah. First right leg how is taken up, same method you take the leftone, there also he is telling. That is liver and spleen, is cleaningmethod (when bending forward in padamasana with the right foot infirst, the heels stimulate and cleanse liver and spleen), that isscientific method. But shastra also same. 

Completelyafter is straightening automatically your back bone and spinal. (if youpractice padmasana correctly, automatically the spine will straighten)Spinallittle bending - strength is gone completely, no strength (if the spinesags, energy is lost). Inhalation, exhalation quickly is going, noproblem, long breathing is coming. But your body heat increasing - thatis yourstrength, energy, that increasing! (initially the breath moves quickly,but with time it becomes long and slow, at this point the internal fireis kindled and strength and energy are increased)

You bend here, not correctlybreathing also is not also is not accurate. (if the spine is bent, the breath will not come correctly) After your body strengthalso is gone completely. Is not coming quickly. That is method. Hastimeans elephant. Your strength how is? Yoga practitioner (strength) how is?Elephant strength how is? Same. Strength is coming he is telling. Thatis you want hastiballa elephant strength. You correct position you do.You don’t want bend.

Question: why are there many God representations sitting padmasana left leg first?

Answer: Yes I know. Many people, many people, that is wrong, that iswrong. There is many people. There is Tibetan people. She is doingfirst left leg. But some Buddhas, they all is taken left leg first.Buddha’s statue any posture you do. Is a God statue is there somesitting Gods, all is there. They is look right leg is going…First rightleg after left leg. That is why that is Buddhas is taken sometimes,that is not real yoga. That is not real but another God is taken(right) first, that is real. That method you follow. Yoga shastra istelling that method. That is not another method.
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