Drk Drishya Viveka - extracts
All our perception pertains to the non-Self. The immutable Seer is indeed the Self. All the countless scriptures proclaim only discrimination between Self and non-Self.

The world we see, being seen by the eye, is drisya (object); the eye which sees it is drik (subject). But the eye, being perceived by the mind is drisya (object) and the mind which sees it is drik (subject).

The mind, with its thoughts perceived by the Self, is drisya (object) and the Self is drik (subject).

The Self cannot be drisya (object), not being perceived by anything else.


The forms perceived are various, blue and yellow, gross and subtle, tall and short, and so on; but the eye that sees them remains one and the same.

Similarly, the varying qualities of the eye, such as blindness, dullness and keenness
and of the ears and other organs, are perceived by the mind singly.

So, too, the various characteristics of the mind, such as desire, determination, doubt, faith, want of faith, courage, want of courage, fear, shyness, discrimination, good and bad, are all perceived by the Self singly.

This Self neither rises nor sets, neither increases nor decays. It shines of its own
luminosity. It illumines everything else without the need for aid from other sources.

- Sri Shankaracharya - Drk Drishya Viveka
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