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Fasting is the most effective, simplest, safest, and least expensive cure for all sickness and disease. Furthermore, it is the oldest healing technique known to man and the most common throughout all of nature. Yes, even animals instinctively fast whenever they become sick.

Many people today look upon fasting with moderate suspicion regarding its safety and effectiveness. I believe this happens for two basic reasons. First is the incomparable influence of western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

These two entities have convinced the modern world to scrap our traditional healing practices which addressed the root cause of disease, namely diet and lifestyle, in favor of more profitable symptomatic treatments. Also these entities have shifted healing from a holistic approach whereby the entire body is treated, to a fragmented approach where each organ is treated independently.

The second reason fasting is no longer viewed seriously is because of our cultural acceptance of and support for widespread indulgent, dietary excess (and again the profit motive is certainly at work here). Because of various propaganda and misinformation, people today are terribly scared of being undernourished, of not getting enough nutrients, especially protein. Consequently, we overload our bodies with more food than we can efficiently digest. The result is a chronically clogged colon, which leads to chronic toxemia, which is the precursor for almost every degenerative disease.

One of the most famous and most respected surgeons in American history, Dr. Harvey Kellogg, wrote that "Of the 22,000 operations I have personally performed, I have never found a single normal colon." Kellogg worked about 100 years ago and since then the problem has worsened considerably. So fasting is yet another example of modern man scoffing at the time-honored traditions of his ancestors. But for those wise enough to appreciate this ancient knowledge, not to mention the current scientific research which supports it, the healing process can be remarkably straightforward and effective.

Hindu yogis, Chinese taoists, and many groups throughout South America and Africa have regularly fasted since antiquity. But perhaps more relevant to the Western world is the fasting practices of the ancient Greeks. Plato and Aristotle, who have profoundly influenced Western philosophy, both fasted regularly. Also Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, regularly prescribed fasting for all serious conditions. And countless spiritual teachers including Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Gandhi, and Zarathustra, have all recommended fasting for purification of mind and body. For at least 5,000 years fasting has been a proven method for losing weight and treating countless other conditions.

From a scientific perspective, fasting is the process of autolysis, which usually begins one or two full days after cutting food intake. Relieved of their usual digestive responsibilities, the body's enzymes begin roaming about and digesting diseased, damaged, dead and dying cells. World-renowned German fasting expert Dr. Buchinger describes the process as the burning of rubbish. Also during a fast the blood is cleansed and purified, and proper pH balance is established. The elimination of toxins during a fast also makes it easier for people to overcome addictions to food, alcohol, nicotine and other substances.

Fasting is extremely safe and simple, however you should realize that the more toxicity you are carrying in your body, the stronger are the effects of fasting. For example, you may experience mild headaches, foul breath and body odor, rashes and pimples, and purging of the bowels. Do not be discouraged, for this is a sure sign that the body is being relieved of years and years of accumulated waste.

For fasts longer than 10 days, supervision is perhaps appropriate, but shorter fast can certainly be done independently. First complete several one day fasts to accustom the body to the feeling of fasting. Then move into 3 to 5 day fasts. You will notice that after the first or second day, the feeling of hunger will leave. The most basic approach to fasting is to drink only water, but juice fasting is another effective technique.

According to many experts, juices are assimilated directly into the body without stimulating digestive enzymes. Also the alkalinizing effect of juice helps to balance the acidity caused by the release of stored toxins. The Buchinger Clinic in Germany has supervised over 250,000 fasts and Dr. Buchinger strongly recommends juice fasting. It is important to have a high quality juicer and to drink the juice immediately upon making it.
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